Healthcare Contract Business Development Organization


SCIENTEX Group is a renowned healthcare focused CBDO presenting 12 business awards with a global footprint thanks to +100 achieved deals in track record.


SCIENTEX is covering mainly financing & business development matters, on sell & buy side: from seed capital to public offerings & follow-on financings, M&A, business development & licensing, R&D partnering.

 SCIENTEX has developed 4 products & services in order to boost all corporate activities, by leveraging the track record of its two founders (+100 deals since 1999 including financing, R&D partnering, BusDev & licensing, IPOs, M&A, M&S on both sell & buy sides & 33 missions since 2006 & +26 board member position since 1999) :  

  • SCIENTEX = Healthcare hands-on CBDO covering CFO & CBO functions, holding of billing, thus avoiding high costs & taxes, heaviness, sick leaves, holidays and legal constraints of the french pharma legal labor agreement.
  • BIOTECHNEWS = corporate & PR news push services covering the healthcare market thanks to a large contact database including 39 000 industrial dealmakers & +3500 tech journalists and +10 000 inside financing.
  • BIOFOCUS = a >20 Go data analysis & market intelligence database focused on healthcare market; sourced and built from main market intelligence providers & investment banks.
  • BIOPHARMACAPITAL = Financing operations from seed capital to public offerings, follow-on & Investor Relations supportsbased on our contact database : +6000 contacts inside public & private equity, french speaking family office & business angels, +3500 wealth managers and our track-record as venture capitalist during 10 years and our last IPO & follow-on financings (2014-18).

Thanks to a highly pragmatic approach fully dedicated to milestones achievments, SCIENTEX's associates are structured to work 60% more (2430 hours/year) than the 1529 hours, average working time in Europe. Thanks to its low cost fees, SCIENTEX will allow its clients to reduce their labor costs compared to FTE. Each of the 2 associates of SCIENTEX are limiting their supports to 2 clients max in parallel in order to guarantee their full intensive, full time , fully dedicated and home office & commuting based supports, without any outsourcing.


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